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FlipBook – Digitizing Traditional Animation

Rebecca Dreezer – University of Toronto, Ashish Kaila – University of Toronto
Shanyi Fang – Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)


The aim of our project is to digitize the traditional flipbook animation process. We want to help amateur
and professional animation artists create animations quickly using familiar hand drawing techniques. In
order to achieve this, our project explored several natural user interface (NUI) 1 techniques available
today in multi-touch displays. We focused a great deal on using gestures that mirrored real-life actions in
the overall user experience of the project. We were interested in trying to alleviate some of the common
inconveniences that artists encounter while working with a flipbook medium in the physical world, by
streamlining the overall experience through our software.

These hyperlinks will direct you to three introductory videos on YouTube:

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